Jura Impressa X-9

Danny of Fresh Brew USA demos the Jura Impressa X-9 Super Automatic Espresso Machine, pointing out its key benefits and features.

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Espresso junkies really get their doses thanks to E9’s presets, burr grinder and other amazing features you will discover as you watch.

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Crew Review: Capresso Flat Burr Grinders

We got some new Capresso flat burr grinders in and Gail takes one out for a test drive. She shows us its grinding options and tests out its finest setting on an espresso machine.

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Jura-Capresso Coffee Maker

Automatic and fantastic. E8

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Watch this anti-geek Jura-capresso impressa E9 Super automatic espresso machine for people who just want to enjoy their espresso without having to learn the science of espresso.

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http://betterguideforyou.com/espresso-machine — Top Choices Of Espresso Machines

Excellent value for the price

About a year ago I wanted an espresso machine that was easy to use, however I was unwilling to pay 1k or more for a fully automatic machine. The Capresso turned out to be an excellent value, providing ease of use with semi-automatic ground disposal and a reasonably sized water container.

In fact, we have experienced only two problems with the Capresso since we bought it: a torn o-ring and clogging. The o-ring tore because I did not clean the rotation mechanism for several months. The accumulated grounds eventually tore into the o-ring, breaking the pressure seal. However, when I called the Capresso help line to discuss our broken o-ring, the help desk agent immediately sent us two replacements in the mail with no questions asked. Total down time for the machine was a mere two days. The clogging was fixed with a complete cleaning, and if truth be told, it did say in the instruction booklet not to use very finely ground coffee.

Our last espresso machine, besides breaking after two years, was so difficult to use and clean we only made espresso on special occasions. The Capresso is convenient enough that we use it all the time. In fact, we have used our Mr. coffee only twice (note the broken o-ring comment above) since we bought the Capresso.

After a year of use, I can still strongly recommend this product.

To get more about espresso machine, please visit :

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Capresso C1000

Capresso C1000 Super-Automatic Espresso and coffee Machine. Grinds, tamps, brews and cleans, with just the push of one button.

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grkevinhttp://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/grkevinEntertainmentlello, 1375, ariete, cafe, prestige, capresso, infinity, espresso, double, triple, shotTriple Shot – Lello 1375 Ariete Cafe Prestige – capresso infinity

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Latest automated espresso technology from Jura Capresso. This all-in-one system includes a burr grinder, 1/2-lb bean holder, self-tamper, milk frother, steamer and more. Interview at the 2008 International Home & Housewares Show by Ann Volkwein for Cooking.com.

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Jura E8 is having problem of brewing espresso. You will notice that the coffee flow is inconsistent and dripping.

SPEC: Less than 1,200 Cups, 9 Month Olds, Only use filtered water.

Reason: The tamping chambers has oil build up.

Remedy: Open up the drawer. Clean the brewing unit, you can access this part without disassemble the unit.

TIP: You can use a small mirror and a flashlight to locate this part. It is behind a plastic flap and it is a part of the circular unit. The exact part is a metal ring with a screw in the center. You can access the part with your finger.

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