Capresso Burr Grinder

The capresso burr grinder is a brilliant tool for grinding your favourite coffee beans at home for maximum freshness and flavour. However there are many kinds of grinders that you should know about before you make a purchase.

The first type are metal blade coffee grinders. They use spinning metal blades to quickly chop the coffee beans into powder. These are the cheapest kind, but they can create uneven coffee grinds that might produce an inconsistent coffee flavour. 

The second type are burr grinders, which use a grinding wheel to rub the coffee beans against a flat surface. These usually result in more consistent coffee grinds. Conical burr grinders have been designed so as not to get clogged, and are especially great for gourmet and flavoured coffees.

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Grinder Buying Guide – Part 1 of 3

Gail introduces us to the world of coffee grinders. Part 1 includes general information on grinders, what you get when you pay a higher price and reviews of the capresso infinity and Baratza series — Maestro, Maestro Plus and Virtuoso.

Part 2 of 3:

Part 3 of 3:

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