Capresso Burr Grinder

The capresso burr grinder is a brilliant tool for grinding your favourite coffee beans at home for maximum freshness and flavour. However there are many kinds of grinders that you should know about before you make a purchase.

The first type are metal blade coffee grinders. They use spinning metal blades to quickly chop the coffee beans into powder. These are the cheapest kind, but they can create uneven coffee grinds that might produce an inconsistent coffee flavour. 

The second type are burr grinders, which use a grinding wheel to rub the coffee beans against a flat surface. These usually result in more consistent coffee grinds. Conical burr grinders have been designed so as not to get clogged, and are especially great for gourmet and flavoured coffees.

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Capresso Burr Grinder

Anyone who starts their mornings with a cup of coffee – or maybe 3 – knows that only fresh ground coffee can do its utmost magic. And for that magic to happen, you will also need a good, high-quality coffee maker or a coffee grinder. There are a lot of brands and models out there, and one of the most trusted names when it comes to coffee making and grinding is Capresso. For an awakening aroma in your kitchen, you should have the Capresso Burr Grinder sitting on your countertop.

A Capresso Burr Grinder will provide you with a rich-tasting cup of coffee anytime of the day. It has a wide range of over 17 grind settings which you can set to suit your liking, if you want a smooth strong espresso, or you want a rough, country-style coffee that has enough coffee grounds at the bottom of your cup to predict your fortune. It can also hold as much as 14 oz of coffee beans in its container. In a matter of 30 seconds, you can already make yourself a cup of fresh coffee with another one to spare either for your wife and another one for yourself if you need a wake-up call. In just one press of a button, you can have enough coffee for 12 cups in just one go.

capresso burr grinder

A Capresso Burr Grinder is also safe to use. You won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off because it has an auto-off safety features that comes with it. And unlike other coffee makers that are just too hard to clean, Capresso comes with an easy-to-lock and unlock top disc so you can pull out the steel burrs in a jiffy. And because the grinder is placed vertically – so that everything will just fall down – cleaning is so much easier, and you will never have to check for beans and grounds clogging your grinder up.

While some coffee makers will wake up the whole household with its noisy whirring and grinding, you can be sure that with Capresso Burr Grinder, the only thing your family will wake up to is the fresh aroma of coffee because it slow grinding process not only ensures finer coffee grounds, but greatly reduces the noise. Add that to the insulated lid to keep the noise down, and you’re guaranteed to own the quietest grinder in the neighborhood. What’s more it uses less electricity that other coffee makers available.

The capresso burr grinder is also effective enough to ground other things such as walnuts, almonds, to top off your chocolate or vanilla cake. With a Capresso Burr Grinder in your kitchen, your mornings will be brighter and cheerier. You’ll never go back to your old coffee makers again. Go to now and check out their various burr grinders that can wake you up to a different experience every morning.

Capresso Burr Grinder

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