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Offering exceptional results every time, this grinder has 16 settings using the commercial grade, solid conical steel burrs that precisely grind your roasted beans. There is little heat buildup in grinding the beans, producing more flavorful, fresh tasting coffee. It holds 8.8-oz. of beans and features a timer than can be set from 5 to 60 seconds. Interview at the 2009 International Housewares Show by Georgia Downard.

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Looking for a reasonably functional machine for under $200? We dig the Capresso Cafe’s steaming functionality and the fact that it is convertible between pressurized and non-pressurized. OK results overall, great for the price. Watch Gail take us through its features and demonstrate the shot and steaming function.

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Espresso junkies really get their doses thanks to E9’s presets, burr grinder and other amazing features you will discover as you watch.

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Crew Review: Jura Capresso Impressa J5

For a straight forward little superautomatic, the J5 has excellent features. Gail shows us its bells n’ whistles, etc.

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Crew Review: Capresso Flat Burr Grinders

We got some new Capresso flat burr grinders in and Gail takes one out for a test drive. She shows us its grinding options and tests out its finest setting on an espresso machine.

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The smooth, clean lines and elegant accents make the Jura-capresso impressa J5 an aesthetic masterpiece from any angle. A rich platinum metallic treatment for the front and top with tasteful chrome accents contrast with the glossy matte black side and back panels. Adding a new level of convenience the well-designed and used-friendly rotary dial allows you to override any settings for coffee and steam. Pushing the integrated rotary button allows you to enter 11 programming options. All functions and settings are clearly communicated in the alpha-number LED display. New Ceramic Valve technology shortens the flow of coffee resulting in a hotter temperature and more crema in your cup for the best in high-pressure brewed coffee, espresso, latte and cappuccino. World’s first Butterfly Coffee Spout: dual coffee spout design moves up/down and in/out (butterfly-design) to accommodate a larger range of cup sizes. Unique triple temperature setting for hot water output produces a hotter Cafe Americano and accommodates a larger variety of tea preparation. The 18-bar pump combines with a fast-heating stainless steel lined thermoblock that delivers cup after cup of coffee with no downtime. Within seconds the J5 is ready to deliver unlimited amounts of steam to heat and froth milk.

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Jura-Capresso Coffee Maker

Automatic and fantastic. E8

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Introduction to the Capresso Coffee TEAM

We’re not all about espresso — for the drip coffee lovers out there, Gail shows us the features of the Capresso coffee TEAM combination grinder and brewer.

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Impressa E8 Jura E8 Impressa espresso machine. The Jura Capresso E8 is a super automatic espresso machine. Impressa E8 is the most convenient and best way to get espresso from home. Its extremely easy to use and maintain. Make professional coffee without being a pro, right at home using the The Jura Impressa E8.

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Find out more about SuperAutomatic Coffee Machines at Made in Switzerland, the Jura-capresso impressa S9 Avantgarde is the top-of-the-line full-featured coffee center for your home or executive office. At the touch of a single button, the superautomatic S9 Avantgarde grinds on demand coffee beans, doses, tamps, and pressure brews rich, thick “crema coffee“.

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